Extended Stay Hotels in Kenedy TX

The Energy Lodge located in Kenedy, Texas, offers traveling business professional’s comfortable living in an extended stay lodge. This lodge was constructed to be the perfect combination of hotel and apartment living in Kenedy. It boasts a generous, designated workspace, a separate master bedroom, full kitchen facilities with Whirlpool appliances and a maid service.

Texas is the new oil capital of the world. It produces more crude than Kuwait and Oman combined. More eyes are set on Texas than ever before. The EnergyLodge extended stay apartments in Kenedy, Texas have been designed keeping the need of the traveling professional in mind. Lodging in Kenedy lets guests have the feeling of their homes together with the comforts of a hotel. The apartments provide standardized amenities and awesome experience across all rooms. The corporate apartments in Kenedy are situated at the prime location, close to Oil Field Services, TXU Energy and Hunting which makes it easier for guests to commute between the apartments and their work sites. Proximity to Karnes County Airport is a definite advantage for the business executive.

The apartments in Kenedy are tastefully furnished with separate bed rooms, living rooms and workspaces. Nuances such as modern appliances, drawing table top with adjustable positions, glass top that can be illuminated from beneath and a storage shelf for printer show Energy Lodge’s commitment to make its guests’ stay as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.The efficient team at Energy Lodge understands the importance of your work and the need to be digitally connected. High speed internet and cable TV ensure that you remain connected while you are on the move. The rest and recreation areas allow you to rejuvenate yourself after the frenzy of activity and travel.For extended stay in Kenedy, apartments in Kenedy offer the perfect combination of hotel and apartment living at affordable pricing. The costs are competitive with other hotels in Kenedy. A flexible weekly or monthly schedule gives you an uninterrupted experience and rules out the need to keep moving in and out of hotels. The emphasis on hygiene, service and convenience helps to ease the stress of living on the road.

If you're looking for a hotel or apartment for a few weeks or for a few months, contact Energy Lodge Kenedy...we offer living solutions that work for your business.

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